Innovation, On Tap at American Standard's Design Center

January, 24 2013 | by Valerie H.
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American Standard's team of designers, engineers and inventors have dedicated 140  years to improving the modern-day toilet. The Star-Ledger recently toured the company's research and design facility to find out what exactly goes into engineering a commode.

Innovation at American Standard

How is a toilet made? While this is a thought that may not circulate a casual observer’s thought process on a regular basis, the engineers at American Standard have dedicated over 140 years to improving and perfecting the modern-day toilet. The Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest news publication, recently toured the NJ-based research and design center and spoke to the innovators behind products like the Champion PRO and creators of patents such as the EverClean Surface

Read the full article here and watch the video below to see some of the equipment and processes that go into the everyday operations at American Standard.


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