Flush for Good: Raising the Standard of World Sanitation

March, 7 2013 | by American Standard
Category: Innovation, Responsible Living, Sustainable Future

Flush for Good. With powerful modern plumbing technology like the Champion Flushing System, it’s easy to flush and forget.  In 2013, you can “flush for good” to help improve the

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health and safety in developing countries. 

Over 80 years ago, American Standard began a campaign antibiotic cipro to raise awareness of the plumber’s vital contribution to public safety and health. A poster issued by the company with the message, “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation”, was proudly displayed in plumbing offices across the country. In that 80-year span of time, plumbing technology has come a long way; today 83 percent of North American consumers surveyed recognize that the plumbing system in their home is essential to their family’s health and safety.Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation Poster

Despite that knowledge, awareness of the plumber’s role is surprisingly low with just over half agreeing that plumbers play a critical role in protecting their family’s health and safety, and the well-being of their community. Why? Plumbers have done their jobs all too well! Universal celebrex high access to clean and convenient plumbing

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is readily available in the developed world.  We enjoy the labors of plumbers and pipefitters, product developers and engineers, without a second thought. It’s easy for us to simply flush and forget.

This is a likely factor in the low awareness of the 2.5 billion people worldwide who face critical health challenges living without access to adequate generic lexapro sanitation. The lack of flush toilets and a place to properly dispose of waste leads to issues like diarrheal diseases that kill over 2,000 children per day.

In 2013, American Standard is launching a campaign to once again raise awareness of how plumbers protect the health of the world. Deploying the same engineering know-how that led to the breakthrough Champion flushing system, the research and development team at American Standard created a new sanitary toilet pan to help solve a health crisis where plumbing infrastructure doesn't exist.

A small plastic sanitary toilet pan designed to be connected to a simple latrine pit provides a tight seal to keep out flies and prevent dangerous cross-contamination.  These sanitary toilet pans are designed to be affordable, easy to maintain and simple to use. See the sanitary toilet pan in action below.

For every Champion toilet sold in 2013, American Standard is donating a sanitary toilet pan to a developing country. Why champion a cause that is half a world away? The bathroom and kitchen symbolize the most fundamental aspects of the human condition. Our bodies bring nourishment in and expel waste out. When we look at the bathroom, we look at the core of who we are, at our deepest roots – it’s the one thing all humans share. 


It’s also the story of why plumbers are so important. Be a champion to the world in 2013, and help us provide solutions to a global health crisis.

Yes, a toilet can be that powerful. Learn more at FlushforGood.com 
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