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McHale and Picot with Haiti Students 

Haiti Tec Students Learn Safe Sanitation Practices

Sanitation conditions in the Carribean nation of Haiti have been inadequate and non-hygienic for decades. Add to that the devastating effect of the 2010 earthquake that rocked this poverty-stricken country, and the sanitation situation became deadly.

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Improved Sanitation Devices Bring Better Hygiene to Sub-Saharan Africa
Villagers in Sub-Saharan Africa face a dismal reality — nearly three-quarters of them do not have access to adequate sanitation to go to the bathroom. The open pit latrines used throughout
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Eunus Family Photo
SaTo Toilet Pan Improves Life without Changing It
Inadequate sanitation is a daily reality in Bangladesh, often leading to disease and premature death, especially among children. The United Nations reports that lack of safe sanitation causes a full
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SaTo Stories: Safe Sanitation Brought to Kenyan School
Each year, children miss 443 million school days due to illnesses caused by poor sanitation. Among them was 11-year old Christine from Nairobi, Kenya. Even when she attended class, Christine
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SaTo Stories: Village Elder Welcomes SaTo Toilet Pan to Community
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